5 Benefits of Adding an SSL Certificate on Your Website

February 17, 2020

Topic:- 5 Benefits of Adding an SSL Certificate to Your Website

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Let us begin by understanding what an SSL certificate is? Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are now becoming essential for websites. It is a cryptographic protocol designed to maintain communication safe over the internet. A free SSL certificate file must be installed on the server to secure connection and protect important information. Web development companies understand that it is important for security and its strong impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Here are the 5 benefits of adding an SSL certificate

1 Data Protection:

The main function is to protect server-client communication. With a free SSL certificate for 1 year, the data is locked and unlocked only by the intended recipient(no one else has the authority or key to open it). It also protects against skimmers and hackers while dealing with IDs, credit card numbers, passwords etc.

2  Boost Brand Value

If you want the ranking advantage in search engines, then your website must be secured with an SSL certificate, and the web URL starts with a secure HTTP protocol as Google updated its algorithm and added HTTPS as a ranking signal. Your customer will only trust you and your site if your site has signed a trusted third-party certificate. This will help to worry less about security issues and improve engagement.

3 Creates Trust with Authentication

As nowadays, one’s personal pieces of information such as bank passwords and other details are exchanged. So, it becomes important to understand where to buy an SSL certificate? Therefore, a secure authentication mechanism must be provided to ensure data protection. Web development company says that SSL works on this by issuing a server certificate and an SSL certificate. This plays an important role in creating trust and helping the customer verify whether they are really who they are claiming to be.

4 PCI Compliance

Payment options are many. But not all websites have strong security when processing payments. PCI (payment card industry) maintains the standards that are required to fulfil compliance with its guidelines. Enforcement of HTTPS throughout the website must ensure that all data that goes back and forth is encrypted. This leads to hackers not allowing you to intercept credit card details, address info, login data and so on.

5 A Strong Encryption

According to the web development company, the data or information is transferred over an SSL connection which is encrypted and firmly secured. RSA, DSA AND ECC are the most used certificate authorities for encryption algorithms. Therefore, when there is a transfer of data between the web server and the user’s browser, the site will be firmly secured with robust encryption, hence no place for attackers.


SSL certificate free 1 year provides your website protection and helps to maintain trust between you and the customers. It will help to prove your business is authentic, and the transactions are safe and secure.


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