5 Important Features Which Makes a Better Hotel Website

February 28, 2020

Topic:- 5 Important Features Which Makes a Better Hotel Website

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As a part of hospitality, we have many how-to book hotel websites. To make an online presence, one must know the features which can make the best hotel search site. One may find many hotel websites across the world, but one with all important features and information can make the user stay on the page and make up for the best site to book flights and hotels with an instant booking too!

Here Are The 5 Important Features Which Make a Website the Best Hotel Search site?

1. An Easy Book Now Button!

After hunting from the best hotel search site and landing on your website, and booking at your hotel, they must not look here and there for the online booking. According to a web design company, this will make the customer leave your website. Therefore, on the one hand, online booking is essential. On the other hand, an easy and simple book now button should be on every page of your website. Also, add from- date, to-date reservation options with different types of availability of the rooms.

2. Real Images and Videos

Adding the actual images and videos of your hotel/ resort makes a huge difference. This will make them easily connect what they are looking for exactly. Also, try to keep all the main photos and videos in one place. Hotel website development says that customers want them to be all in one place, and this will be able to self-direct what photos they look at. Add descriptions with the images to let you know the details about it. Inclusion of rooms, meetings, amenities, activities, weddings, etc., creates an impression, gives them an idea about your place, and gives appropriate guidance on booking a hotel.

3. Layout

We know that many of the websites suffer from outdated and inadequate designs. Web design company says that the owners decide to include outdated layouts, features, and designs because of budget. Many websites never undergo redesigning the website’s layout, and some might be using the oldest design in this fast-moving world. This can make your website sales less than compared to your competitors. Hotel website development suggests that adding a piece of music or some sound effect can be a good option but add them with a mute button option because you can’t force anyone to listen and make you traceable on the top 10 hotel booking sites.

4. Navigation:

Good navigation for a website is another important feature that makes the best site to book flights and hotels. Easy navigation helps the customer to check photos, attractions, amenities, or the book now button. Unfortunately, some websites lack crucial information such as reservation options, contact information, or social media links. This will make your customer leave your page within a few seconds. Navigation invites the users to interact with you and your website’s pages and important information on the best hotel search site.

5. Mobile friendly:

With Google’s latest update, the website must be mobile-friendly and compatible than ever when it comes to organic search. Therefore, web design companies say that one can’t ignore making a website that is not mobile-friendly. For example, many hotel websites are the best hotel search sites; hence, making your website stand out differently, making it mobile compatible, or giving you a loss.


To make a better hotel website, these are the 5 important features that will help you. Hike Branding will help you design the best website for your hotel/resort and will make your web design stand out different from the crowd getting you listed on Top 10 hotel booking sites

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