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Search Engine Optimization is simply a process of improving a pages attributes and content value to gear towards impressing the search engines in return for highly ranked results.

More than 80% of all website traffic comes from major search engines and directories.

We will drive more traffic to your website from the revenue-generating search terms and work to ensure your business dominates paid, local pack (google maps), and organic sections of search engine result pages.

The higher your website ranks among important keywords in certain search engines, the more traffic you will receive.

Our Strategy

We will help you define your SEO road map and strategy based on your budgets and campaign objectives. We will outline time-frames and realistic expectations for each campaign.

Our SEO Process

– Initial Analysis
– Keyword Research
– SEO on-page Optimization
– Code Optimization
– Content Marketing
– Building Link Popularity
– Local SEO optimization






Initial Review & Analysis

Keywords Optimization




Website Analysis

Initial Backlinks analysis

Competition Analysis

Initial Rank Report

On Page Optimization

Title & Description Tags Optimization

Content Optimization

Canonicalization/301 Redirect

Heading Tags Optimization

Internal link structuring & optimization

Hyperlink Optimization

Image & Hyperlink Optimization

HTML & XML Sitemap

Google Webmaster Tools Setup

Bing Webmaster Tools Setup

Google Analytics Setup & Integration

Content Marketing

Blog Writing




Informational Article Writing & Distribution




Press Release Writing & Distribution



Local Optimization

NAP Syndication

Google Business Page Creation

SEO Off-page

Social Bookmarking




Blog Comment





Search Engine Rank Report

Google Analytics Analysis Report

SEO Activity Report

Cost Per Month (USD)




Our SEO Process

Initial Analysis

This involves site review, competitive analysis and report submission basing on the assessment. Our goal is to understand your goals and objectives. We gather all relevant information about your business, target market, demographics and industry to help us gain strategic insight into the competitive landscape.

Keyword Research

A vital component of the SEO process, we work closely with clients to understand their business and uncover keyword opportunities beyond the obvious. We will conduct extensive research and actual search data data to find keywords worth your investment. We also use internal tools to identify the most targeted and highly searched.

SEO on-page Optimization

In additional to technical SEO recommendations, our focus is on content optimization through keyword incorporation, LSI, anchor text and interlinking which develops optimized headings, as well as content improvements and the development of a strong internal link profile. We optimize your site by incorporating keyword rich content and carrying content modifications on each page of the site.

Code Optimization

We will recommend fixes to the site that will make the site more SEO friendly because the code is like the ‘life support system’ of the website. Our SEO specialists analyze the code and rewrite the title tag, description tag, and keyword tag to ensure they are search engine optimized, search engine friendly and most importantly clickable. This may also include code optimization and clean-up.

Content Marketing

Comprehensive content editing and content writing is included in every SEO campaign. Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. The importance of high quality and useful content cannot be overstated. We work with clients to plan and generate the most appropriate type of content for their website.

Building Link Popularity

The task is to get smart links which promise maximum value in keeping with the changing search engine guidelines. Every SEO campaign can benefit from search engine friendly link development.

Link popularity is not only effective for achieving a good PageRank (PR) but also to boost your website’s search engine positioning.

Local SEO Optimization

Local SEO has grown significantly over the last few years, particularly given the rise of Smartphone usage and better connectivity while out and about. Although it has a lot of similarities with organic SEO, it’s ultimately very different.

Local SEO is focused on providing results that are relevant to a searcher based on their current location.

As we know you have unique needs, we tailor our SEO packages for each customer. We use proven methods, eliminate guessing and implement tactics that are currently working for other clients. It’s high time now! You must work with HikeBranding to take your search traffic to the next level!

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