MailChimp API Development Services

Get the best API Automation service with Hike Branding. Let us create a digital footprint for your website that Hikes your business.

Why MailChimp API automation with Hike Branding?

HikeBranding believes is committed to implementing the latest technologies and solutions in all of its services. With MailChimp API development services we ensure that it results in the best automation tool.

With MailChimp we will integrate the best email marketing automation platform. We will design the most stylish and intuitive layout of email and, offer you with email, ad and landing page all under one place.

•Options that initiate an automation series.
• Criteria and campaign based recipient segmentation
• Scheduled automation

We will make MailChimp compatible with your other platforms like WordPress or Squarespace website, your Spotify store, your FB and Twitter profiles, or even lead pages landing page.

With several years of experience, we have expertise in the automation process with accurate and optimised methodology. We aim to make your website visitors into customers!

Successful API Integration

Websites designed and developed

eMail Marketing

Ads and Landing Page


Scheduled Follow-ups


Case Study

Nexus Merchants

While using Infusionsoft by keap, you can see Nexus merchant on Infusionsoft’s by keap merchant page. NexusMerchants is a web app which connects Infusionsoft by keap with different payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, USAePay,, WorldPay, Sagepay, and many more coming.

Charity Plus Power

CharityPlusPower is a platform with unique idea. It was required to have a website where you can do charity and can pay your electricity bill. After rolling out the website, company observed huge response and started getting charities


OrderForms uses the API platforms to provide best payment options. It provides prebuilt forms for invoicing and payments. It is designed to provide faster and easier service than any other system on the market.

Let’s Make Your Business a Brand!

Our talented team of developers and design specialists follows a well-laid development process. Get ready to promote your business online with a website that not just looks great, but is loved by your target audience.

Already Know the Details of Your Project?

Focus on product/service development and leave your website development tasks to us. Hike branding will boost your business to become a brand. Let us know more about your project.