The Bimini Twist website hosts a very appealing interface and is designed on the WordPress development platform. The main goal of the website is to offer a reservation as well as shopping functionalities to their users.


The Bimini Twist website already possessed the shopping feature on its interface. However, the creators of the website wished to add a reservation feature to the interface to make it more usable. This is where we stepped in.


  • We tried and tested multiple WordPress plugins that worked well with the website.
  • After testing hundreds of different plugins, we finally decided to go with the Open Table site.
  • We managed to connect the website with an API to allow the users to make a reservation using the Open Table site.
  • We also designed an intuitive interface that allows the users to make a reservation using their names for a preferred time and table directly on the Open Table site.


  • The new intuitive interface allowed the mutual growth for both the Bimini as well as Open Table sites.
  • The Open Table site managed to get more reservations with the public easily redirected towards their site using the online booking feature.

From the client

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Website designed and developed

API integration

Plugin developed and customisation

Automation between web apps

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Stefania H, SalusBank System

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Greg G, Blue Eye Picture

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Andrea B, Executive Director

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