Dreams can let you go anywhere. But Can be this possible in real life?

Yes!! It is possible with Hikebranding!

Diwali is the festival of lights and happiness. We decided to have a small pre-Diwali celebration of 4 days at the office. From having lunch with all the team members to doing the puja at the office, it was such a wonderful celebration! Check out the photos here!

Day 1

“Enjoy the little things in life. Be Retro!”
As Diwali is on fingers count, our Hikebranding Team started the celebrations by having different themes on each day. Today was a Retro Day and getting dresses in a retro theme was very lively for them.

Day 2

“Life is too short to waste time in matching clothes! Do Mismatch then!”
Another day filled with lots of fun. Our Pre-Diwali celebration’s second day was MisMatch Day! Hikebranding Team celebrated the day as no one is watching.

Day 3

“The greatness of a culture can be found in its festival”
The team of Hikebranding celebrated third of the Pre-Diwali celebrations with a traditional look. A beautiful rangoli and following our tradition made this day bang on!

Day 4

“Family that eats together stays together!“
Here our Pre-Diwali Celebrations come to an end. The team of Hikebranding had delicious lunch together, wrapping beautiful memories with them of the days they celebrated with each other.

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