Culture is what motivates and retains talented employees

Yes!! It is possible with Hikebranding!

When we talk about culture at Hike Branding, we don’t mean how we create it. It’s all about how our employees go about doing their jobs. Employees choose the culture they want to work in, whether it’s a Celebration, Employee Farewell, Appraisal, Appreciation, Team Management, or anything else….

Let me take you to the inner circle of Hike Branding!!

Here are some glimpse of Diwali Celebration at Hike Branding.

Day 1

Hike Branding supports the quote “ May your clothes be comfy,and Coffee be strong” :
wink: We, on the other hand, celebrated it in an entirely different way!! We were all suited up for the occasion. For us, it was Formal Day.Hike Branding employees were dressed formally and proudly displaying their professionalism.

It all started with lunch at a restaurant and then some workplace decoration; believe me, decorating an office in formals was a difficult task, but yay!! We finished everything, and our workplace looked fantastic.

Day 2

“Hmm… What are we going to call it? Is it Rangoli Day? A Traditional day!!”
Another day filled with lots of fun. Our Pre-Diwali celebration’s second day was MisMatch Day! Hikebranding Team celebrated the day as no one is watching.As it was Dhan Teras, the day began with the creation of rangoli. All of the female staff were dressed in sarees, while the male employees wore kurtas and pyjamas. The vibrant colours of the rangoli and the hues of the ethinc clothing were striking. Also, there was a lot of funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

We celebrated DhanTeras in the office with plenty of pizza, mithai, garba and gifts…

Day 3

“It was dedicated to Hike Branding!!”
We were all dressed in Hike Branding’s workplace logo t-shirts. So this was the day when we let staff leave early because it was Diwali the next day. As a result, working hours were reduced!! But we had a great time that day, taking plenty of photographs, and eating Vada pav.

Hike Branding’s three-day celebration was so incredible that it ended so fast!!

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