Does Coronavirus affect my business? If so, how to be ready.

April 1, 2020

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COVID-19 has really hit the world pathetically. The effects of the virus are clearly felt on all commercial activities, Whether if one has a small or large business, jobs, farmers, poor people, or household essential items and work. It is inevitable for all to stay indoors for their and the safety of their loved ones. Most of the work is done these days from home. Almost all businesses, especially marketing and designing firms, have shifted to remote work culture.

The trade between India and China has reduced by 50%; It would be really tough surviving for businesses in products from China as there are many restrictions imposed on trade with China. So marketing all your products and services through top-ranked digital marketing firms, online marketing, and social media marketing agencies will be the wisest choice to bounce back.

According to a survey by the Web Design Agency in the USA, the effect of coronavirus on businesses and gearing up for business lost, many of the people concluded and agreed on some of the points below.

Therefore, we have collected those important points for you to be ready to fight against the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Update or design your website:

As the whole world is facing the COVID-19 crisis. You will have only limited work. Hence, you can design or redesign your website with Web Design Agency in the USA, a digital marketing firm. Their expert team is tremendous in the field of social media marketing. Online marketing agencies can use several plugins, real images, and videos, add some interesting facts about your company, add all the essential pieces of information and extensions to your website to give a realistic look with a unique touch.

2. Make your Website SEO friendly:

SEO-friendly websites make your website more searchable by engines like Google and Yahoo. Most people have enough time to search for a perfect company to work with. The WordPress development company offers ways for business owners to optimize their site in the easiest ways possible. Have a look at the free Yoast SEO plugin, which will help you improve your content ranks.

3. Social Media Marketing:

Another best way to promote your business during this tough crisis is through social media marketing! One can do marketing of their business through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Digital marketing firms will help your business grow with social media marketing:

  • Huge presence of audience enables mass promotion
  • Inform your niche clientele that you are present with your product/service in pandemic
  • Make sure you include all the necessary information and contact details
  • Be double sure about including real images and videos of your work culture.

4. Give offers:

offers and discounts can surely lure your potential clientele, with the tough times and limited income some interesting offers will surely attract them, give them a nominal discount of 10 to 30 percent on your usual rates, or you can think about giving few services complimentary if they are subscribing to bigger service, your customers will appreciate you if they find your work up to the standards, They will approach you without fail in future for their projects

5. Emails to previous clients:

Your client doesn’t know whether you are still there in the business as the whole world is affected by COVID-19. Therefore, the WordPress development company suggests you send them an email asking about their health and safety and letting them know that you are still there in the business. In addition, inform them about your available services and if you have added any new ones also. Also, tell them about the offers you have recently added to your services.


Coronavirus will be huge in nearby days as one can see how it affected every little thing in the world. Therefore, one must have to be prepared with everything as there could be a shutdown in the upcoming days. Therefore, to save your business, try to keep in touch with your customers, update valuable information on your website to make them know that you are still available with services.

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