5 Must-Have Features for Your Cleaning Services Website

February 22, 2020

Topic:- 5 Must-Have Features for Your Cleaning Services Website

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Having only a website for home cleaning services is not just enough! The website must be appealing, amazing. But how? Your website must bring customers and calls for professional deep cleaning services. If not, then WordPress development has tried and tested different features, content and layouts for cleaning business websites.

Here are the 5 must-have features of your best house cleaning website.

1 The Best Content

The content of your website must be appealing to the search engine and target audience. One can have the best content by figuring out the target market and 4-5 keywords related to your business and must be included in each page. The focus must be on the primary keywords.

A web development company in the USA suggests that one can add the keyword at the beginning of the headline, the first paragraph of the content, meta title, description and tags, and the image’s meta title. Additionally, keep updating your content and images when necessary.

2 Easy Navigation:

The main reason for leaving the website or the page from the customer is when they can’t find home cleaning services or what they are looking for on your site. Therefore, keep in mind to make your site easy and simple. To track how your website is doing, one must try an analytics application for the website and monitor the bounce rate. This will let you know the amount of visitors is leaving the page or website. And based on that, one can make the changes for visibility in home cleaning services.

3 Make Mobile-Friendly:

More loading of the page or can not navigate around can make the customer leave your website and visit your competitor’s site. Additionally, your home cleaning services website must be easy to navigate when one uses it with a tablet or mobile. One will have low chances of ranking well on Google as Google penalizes the non-mobile-friendly cleaning websites.

4 Call-To-Action Button

Just copy-pasting your phone number or a button to the site is not enough! The button must be easily accessible for the customers, and when they click it, it must ring straight to your office. Displaying your phone number can make a customer write it down and memorize it before calling you. Therefore, to give a task to your customers for professional cleaning services is not right. Make it easy for them with a single click!

5 Reviews:

Posting the reviews on a home page or landing page will be a brilliant marketing tool. This will not help your customers understand you, but they will help you sell your service by letting them know about your business positively. Update your reviews whenever needed. Because the customer ignores the reviews older than 3 months as they believe they are no longer relevant. Therefore, make sure your cleaning reviews are updated for your home cleaning services.


These features will help you increase your customers and calls. This will create clean communication with your customers and help them understand what they want and what you are selling are the same home cleaning services.

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